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Koihime Musou Infobox

ShinKoihime Chiihou

Moeshouden Chiihou

Full Name (Kanji) 張宝
Full Name: Chōhō
Chinese Counterpart: Zhang Bao
True Name (Kanji) 地和
True Name Chiihō
Characteristics / Profile
Gender: ♀ Female
Age: Young-adult
Hair Style Light blue hair tied with a side ponytail
Eye Color: Cyan
Bust Size: flat
Personal Status
Affiliation: Kōkintō (黄巾党 Yellow Turbans)
Media Debut
Seiyū: Chihiro Umehara
Chōhō (張宝 Zhang Bao)
Real name: Chiihō (地和 Dihe)
Voiced by: Chihiro Umehara (anime)


Visual Novel VersionEdit

The middle sister of the Chō sisters.

Anime VersionEdit

The middle sister of the Chō sisters.
She seems to be more adapted in using magic then her sister, to the point more it seems to have gotten unhealthy. She instigated their fanbase to attack the local government when they try to shut them down and the leader tried to harass Chōhō. She has light blue hair tied with a side ponytail and wears green.

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