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Chōkaku (張角? Zhang Jiao)
Real name: Tenhō (天和? Tianhe)
Voiced by: Soyogi Tōno (visual novel), Tae Okajima (anime)


Visual Novel VersionEdit

The eldest sister of the Chō sisters.
She and her sisters are a famous idol group and the leaders of Kōkintō in Shin Koihime Musō. After being conquered by the Gi faction, she and her sisters join forces with them.

Anime VersionEdit

The eldest of three sisters who are trying to make a living by trying out all sorts of show talents, but don't make headway until Ukitsu gives them the book Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace allowing them to create "magical microphones" that actually broadcast their voices, and become popular idol singers in their town. Ryūbi becomes one of their huge fans.
However, they are eventually harassed by the local government, who wanted to shut down their performance and venue due to overcrowding. Because of this, they decided to form their army in order to fight the harassment from the local government, leading to a war between the combined forces of Shoku, Gi and En kingdoms (though it started out as a Battle of the Bands pop idol performance between the Cho sisters and the promptly formed team of Enjutsu, Chōkun and Kakuka).
Eventually, Chōkaku persuaded her sister Choryo to stop using the book and stop the war. She played a crucial part in the final battle of the third season, dressing up like Ryūbi in order to fool Ukitsu since both of them have almost the same appearance. She often wears pink and has long, light pink hair.

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