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Kisaya Fuyurugi (如耶 不動?)


Tasuku Oikawa is a main character of the previous BaseSon game Harukoi Otome ~Otome no Sono de Gokigenyō~ (春恋*乙女 ~乙女の園でごきげんよう。~). Due to St. Francesca Academy being present in both VNs, her name is mentioned in Koihime†Musō as one of Oikawa's ex-girlfriends and Kazuto's senpai. She is the head of St. Francesca Academy Kendo Club which Kazuto is a member of.


  • In Harukoi Otome it is mentioned that she hasn't lost a match in several years; Kazuto reflects this in the beginning of Koihime†Musō, saying that his current goal is to defeat her.

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