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Kashin Suikō (何進 遂高? He Jin - Suigao)

Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (anime)
Real name (Eiyūtan only): Kei (? Qing)



In Koihime†Musō Kashin only mentioned by name. He is introduced as male (under his Chinese name He Jin in the English translation). He is the older brother of Empress He who took part in the struggle to succeed the throne after Emperor Ling's death. His faction was in predominance until he was assassinated by the opposing court eunuches who feared retribution from him.

Shin Koihime†MusōEdit

Gi RouteEdit

He serves the same role as he did in Koihime†Musō. He sends Ryofu to Gi court to promote Sōsō for her efforts in eradicating the Yellow Turbans and is assassinated shortly afterwards in the power struggle for the throne. 

Go RouteEdit

Shoku RouteEdit


Anime versionEdit

In the anime Kashin is female. She is the Commander-in-Chief of the Han imperial forces who is also known as the "Great General". In season one she appears in Kakōton's memory as the host of the banquet in which the incident between Sōsō and Batō occured. She appears in person in episode 12 in a war meeting with several commanders, discussing about putting down recent uprisings in the country. 
She returns in the third season where she is poisoned to be turned into a cat so that Tōtaku could be used as a puppet.


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