Nitta Kensuke (新田 剣丞?)


The main protagonist of Sengoku†Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~, and nephew of Hongō Kazuto. He talks about his many aunts and his uncle's house being full of Chinese items.


Appearance Edit

Bears a strong resemblance to his uncle, Kazuto

Personality Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Swordsmanship: He received training from Kazuto and his aunts, resulting in him being significantly stronger in comparison to Kazuto at the beginning of their respective journeys.
Enhanced Intelligence: Compared to his uncle, Kensuke's intelligence is much more "polished", as he received proper lessons. As a number of his aunts are brilliant strategists/intellectuals, Kensuke learned from them and is capable of solving complex problems and coming up with effective solutions in response to whatever situation he's facing.
Various combat and survival training: Besides swordsmanship, Kensuke was also taught various other ways of fighting; he also had survival training which enhances his adaptability to situations he is unfamiliar with.

Trivia Edit

  • Being the main protagonist, he does not have character sprites.
  • His eyes are never shown in the original Sengoku†Koihime.

VN GalleryEdit

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