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Rikuson Hakugen (陸遜 伯言? , Lu Xun - Boyan)
Real name: Non (? , Wen)
Voiced by: Natsumi Yanase (visual novel, anime) (credited as Izumi Maki in the visual novel)


Visual Novel VersionEdit

Shūyu's disciple and co-strategist.
She, however, devotes herself more to Sonken than Shūyu, even willing to be captured together.

Anime versionEdit

Shūyu's beloved disciple.
A smart yet air-headed official who loves to read books as in her own words; gaining knowledge gives her such pleasure. She befriended Shuri due to their mutual interest in learning and books.


  • Similar to Choun and her menma, Rikuson is overly obsessed with books to the point where (in the VN) she often reads herself to ecstacy.

VN GalleryEdit

Anime GalleryEdit

Manga GalleryEdit


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