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Riri (璃々? Lili)
Voiced by: Mariya Sumida (visual novel, anime)



Kōchū's daughter. After being rescued from her captors by Kazuto, she grows quite fond of him and hangs out with him whenever she can.

Shin Koihime†MusōEdit

Anime versionEdit

The young daughter of Kōchū. In the anime, she was kidnapped by a group who threatened to kill her unless Kōchū helped them in an assassination. She was later rescued and reunited with her mother thanks to Aisha's group. In the second season, she finds a friend in Batai, who she looks up to and often hangs out with her.

Sengoku†Koihime X Edit

A grown-up Riri makes a cameo in Sengoku†Koihime X in Kensuke's flashback, where she is seen cooking.



She is a very energetic and curious child. 

Sexuality (largely averted)Edit

Despite her age she is aware of sex thanks to her mother. Furthermore Kōchū wants Kazuto to take her as a lover once she turns old enough.


  • The VN does not a chibi version of her; Riri in chibi style can only be seen in the anime.
  • She is more mischevious in the anime, probably from hanging out with Batai too much.
  • Huang Zhong did have a son named Huang Xu, who died very young. However it is unknown if Riri is based on Huang Xu.
  • it is is unknown if Riri is aware her father was her mother's uncle which technicly makes them cousins

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