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Ryūshō Kigyoku (劉璋 季玉? Liu Zhang - Jiyu)


Shin Koihime†Musō Edit

Shoku Route Edit

During their retreat, Kazuto, Ryūbi and their subordinates head to Ekishū in order to escape Sōsō's soldiers. There they learned of Ryūshō, who is the lord of the area. Although the lord of Ekishū, Ryūshō is referred to as an incompetent leader by his people.
There are some strong generals serving under him, such as Kōchū and Gengan, however both mentioned generals ended up siding with Ryūbi after their defeat.
Eventually, Ryūshō loses to Ryūbi's forces and his territory becomes the main base of Shoku for the rest of the route.



VN GalleryEdit

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