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Saji Genhō (左慈 元放? Zuo Ci - Yuanfang)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (credited as Hikaru (氷河流) in the visual novel)


Visual novel versionEdit

He is introduced in the first VN disguised as a St. Francesca student. He tries to steal a mirror from the history museum but is caught by Kazuto. The two clash briefly, causing mirror to drop to the ground, which sends Kazuto to the other world. He also travels to the other world, this time shown to be a memeber of strange white-hooded men, and repeatedly tries to kill Kazuto for ruining his plans. He is last seen fighting Chō'unBachō, and Kōchū as Kazuto tries to stop Ukitsu from erasing this world.

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