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Shōkyō (小喬? , Xiao Qiao)
Voiced by: Michiru Yuimoto (anime)


Visual Novel VersionEdit

She, together with her twin sister, is one of Shūyu's personal "pets" who have the sole purpose of entertaining her. During Kazuto's campaign against Gi faction, the twins are sent to Kazuto as "hostages" in order to ensure the alliance between Kazuto and the Go faction. However, in reality, they are sent to seduce Kazuto and steal government secrets. But due to Kazuto's experience in women and their lack of experience as spys, the plan fails.
Unlike her sister Daikyō, she is ordinary female.

Anime versionEdit

She and her sister works in Sonsaku's court chiefly as entertainers. Unlike in the VN, the anime does not portray them in any sexual manner. Instead they are portrayed more as being the mascots of the Go kingdom, singing and dancing during large parties.

Manga Gallery Edit


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