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Sonken Bundai (孫堅 文台? , Sun Jian - Wentai)
Real name: Yenren (炎蓮? Yanlian)



Shin Koihime†MusōEdit

Her name is mentioned several times. It is revealed that after her death, the territories she conquered broke apart, which forced her daughter Sonsaku to serve under Enjutsu. In the Go route, her name is used to lure out Kayū from Sishui Pass.


Anime versionEdit

The late mother of the Son sisters and the previous queen of Go. Known as the Tiger of Kōtō, she told her last wishes to her daughter and heir, Sonsaku, to unite the nation for the Son family.




  • Her character design predates the announcement of Eiyūtan

VN GalleryEdit


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